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Blaine McKenna 

The founder of Life Sports Performance (LSP), Blaine McKenna, has witnessed the approach of different coaches, clubs and governing bodies in 10 countries, across five continents. During this time he noticed a number of gaps in provision that aren’t currently being provided for in sports coaching practice worldwide. This led to the development of LSP which can be broken into three key areas of Life Skills, Sports Coaching, and Performance Programmes.


LSP aims to:

  • Inspire & upskill children, enabling them to live their passion everyday
  • Provide a range of education & sessions to coaches & players enabling them to get better faster
  • Turn athletes’ negative thoughts into positive ones that simplify & improve performance


Life Skills Programmes

  It is well established that the majority of children playing sport will not progress into the professional game. Knowing that, we need to find ways to make sports sessions more meaningful than only improving sporting performance. This can be achieved by including life skills in our sports programmes which will give children the skill set needed to excel in sport and all other areas of life.

  Blaine has developed a life skills programme which 121 coaches subscribed to around the world. He has implemented life skills curriculums at a professional academy and has developed a 30-week programme which has enabled players to succeed on and off the pitch. Blaine has also developed a range of other educational resources, many of which he has been able to share during the life skills workshops he has delivered to players, PE students and coaches. He is regularly keeping up to date with the research, having started a PhD in the area, which he hopes to return to in the coming years.

LSP Life Skills offers:

  • Individually tailored life skills programmes
  • Life skills curriculums with pitch-based sessions to embed it at your club
  • Coach & player education workshops on life skills


sports Coaching & Education

  LSP’s coaching philosophy puts individuals at the centre of the process with the aim of developing creativity, social skills and ownership in a positive sporting environment. A games-based approach is used for skill development which also provides opportunities to improve awareness and decision making. This approach was developed through studying athlete development, motivation and skill acquisition during Blaine’s MSc degree. It has been implemented and fine-tuned through working with different cultures and footballing levels around the world. The result of this work has seen players progress from youth football into the senior game with a number earning deals at professional clubs.

  Blaine brings a range of experience having coached from grassroots to professional academy level. During this time he has recruited over 100 players for clubs in Asia. Blaine has a following of over 20,000 coaches and sports professionals on social media which has enabled him to assist clubs in the recruitment of coaches. He is currently academy director at a professional club where he is responsible for all recruitment and academy operations, including player and coach development. Blaine has delivered lectures and pitch-based sessions to players, university PE students, fully qualified PE teachers, and coaches from various sports. He has also been flown in to academies in various countries to deliver a number of coaching sessions and coach education for local coaches.


LSP Sports Coaching offers:

  • Workshops based on a range of coaching topics for players, students & coaches of any sport
  • Football coaching visits to your club
  • Assist your club in the recruitment of coaches & players



performance progammes & workshops

  Despite the evidence highlighting it’s value, Blaine’s MSc research showed sport psychology is still massively undervalued at all levels of football. This is owing to a lack of knowledge and exposure to it which can seriously impact upon a player’s career. His research provided a range of ideas to overcome the barriers which LSP has successfully put into practice. This has been achieved by developing individually tailored performance programmes for a range of professional and elite athletes, both at youth and senior level. 

  Blaine has also delivered a number of workshops on performance techniques and sport psychology to players, PE students and coaches. His deep understanding of the performance process has enabled him to simplify and harness the thoughts of athletes, enabling them to take their performance to the next level. The result of this work has seen a professional footballer go on a scoring spree in a top Asian league and a gymnast go from choking under pressure to winning a medal at a national competition.


LSP Performance offers:

  • Individually tailored performance programmes developed one-to-one online
  • Sports psychology curriculums, techniques for creating an optimal team environment & pitch-based sport psychology sessions  
  • Workshops for coaches & players on embedding sport psychology & performance techniques into sessions


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