Hi Blaine,

Things may seem rather bleak at the moment. You’re not going to make it as a professional footballer, so you need to get over it! You’re going to have to change your attitude in school as this is now the path you need to follow if you want to fulfil your new goal of becoming a coach abroad. Don’t listen to them when they tell you football coaching isn’t a good career. Don’t lose heart when all of your friends are earning money and starting their careers while you’re the only one still at school. Remember why you’re doing this! You’re going to travel the world kid. You’re going to spend time in America, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and end up as academy director at a professional top-flight club in Thailand.


The journey won’t be easy, you’re going to have to endure sitting in biomechanics classes not having a clue what’s going on while everyone else is finding it easy around you. Don’t worry you’ll soon realise you can learn anything when you open your mind and you’ll surpass them. You’ll find the person you love most lying in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs during your exam period but she’ll be fine and you’ll get through it.


You’ll somehow get a degree classification that allows you to study for a masters degree. How crazy is that considering how much you doubted yourself and the energy you spent worrying about how everyone in the class was so much smarter than you. You’re not going to see your friends much during this period as you’ll be coaching every night of the week, and be spending all of your spare time reading journals and watching football. Don’t worry about the people who say you’re weird and say negative things about you, you’re going to make something of yourself. You are different but that’s great and it’s the main reason you’ll end up working in ten countries across five continents, experiencing things those negative people could only ever dream of.


You’ll get told you’re not going to the Middle East after the city you’re going to suffers a bombing the month before you leave, but don’t worry this will pass and you’ll feel safer there than you have anywhere in the world. You’ll face a massive shock when you land in China and think what the hell are you doing here?! Don’t worry you’ll get used to the culture and it may be a struggle environmentally but you’ll learn a lot and meet great people along the way. You’ll end up in hospital which will end your time in China but don’t worry you’ll look back on your time fondly there despite the struggles.


Your dream of going to New Zealand will happen but not how you imagined it would. You’ll go there to start a PhD!! How amazing is that considering you never excelled academically and were always in the lower classes and schools but you’ll soon panic and start doubting yourself, realising this isn’t the path you want to pursue. You’ll spend days soul searching wondering what the future holds now as this is the first career set back you’ve had. Don’t worry though, a month later you’ll get flown across three continents to South Africa to spend a few days leading sessions at a full-time academy. Soon after returning from that you’ll be recommended for an unbelievable opportunity in Thailand. I told you not to worry as two months after quitting your PhD you’ll be appointed as academy director at a professional top division club in Thailand. You’re now working in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, how cool is that?! You may think this is it after your new move but it’s only the beginning…..


Best of luck,




Originally posted: 25th January 2018.